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At Career Tree Network, we've been helping therapy professionals research career opportunities since 2007.  We're based in Milwaukee, and we work with employers all over the United States to help support their recruitment of therapists (OT, PT, SLP).  

We work in all practice settings with all types of employers including: Outpatient, Hospital, Skilled Nursing, Home Health, Schools, etc. At any given time we have about 40 positions available. Each year we help over 1,200 therapy professionals connect with new positions.

What are your career goals? We look forward to connect with you!



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Physical Therapist - Out Ortho
  • California, Maryland, United States
Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Brooklyn, New York, United States
Physical Therapist - Full-time or Part-time - Outpatient Clinic
  • Cupertino, CA, California, United States
General Interest - Resume Submission Form
  • Your Town, Wisconsin, United States